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What to give to friends or colleagues?

  • Find out what they want. Be aware when they update their wishlist.
  • If you can’t find suitable option in the list, archive can prompt direction.
  • Come true wishes can help not to be trapped.
  • Antiwishes point to the restricted areas.

“Making gifts is great, especially when sure that the gift will like.”

How to please you?

  • Write down everything that you please. And Wantr help your friends know that you want. Forget about boring presents, receive only a welcome.
  • Organize your aspirations. Maintain a list of desires helps you see things in a new way, to understand what you really want . What is transient and fleeting, and what is useful, convenient and brings pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Wantr tell you what other people want. It will help to know about the cool things, the existence of which you never knew existed.

“Writing down goals, desires and dreams, you make a huge step towards their implementation.”

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Первый раз увидела ссылку на Вонтр в блоге у друга и заорала от щастья :) Давно хотелось вести вишлист. Даже не столько для кого-нибудь, а скорее для себя. Но все существующие сервисы оказывались жутко неудобными и некрасивыми. А Вонтр — полная офигенная противоположность. :) И работает, работает же! :) Дарить подарки здорово, особенно когда уверен в том, что подарок понравится :)

Marie Anykey,

Write down your desires, create a wishlist